The Back Story

Dixie and Leah come from families that have been friends across generations for many, many years. They would say they are lifelong besties if they weren’t born 13.5 years apart. Neither will say which The of the two is older and they’d advise you not
to guess because you might get it wrong and REALLY irritate the younger one.
Although they’ve been friends through their adult years, they became very close friends when they both found themselves divorced and unemployed in a very small southern town. They bonded over morning coffees and evening wines while sharing the newest thing they learned about themselves that day. Sometimes, it was the
crazy things they’d heard about themselves. Mainly, though, it was the AMAZING & AWESOME things they were learning about themselves by finally being the people they always were on the inside!

The Creative Story




Dixie has always been creative and had an eye for beautiful things. The only problem was that she never knew it. She got a Bachelors of Business Administration, got married, moved home, started working for her father’s company, and lived the same small town story many share in Mississippi. While she was going through that awful D word, she started painting occasionally with a couple of friends when they needed help with cabinet painting. It was then that she realized her love for painting and being creative and that she is really good at it! The process of creating something beautiful gave her the best therapy at a time when she needed it the most.




Leah loved art and only wanted to do art all day every day. So, she got her Bachelors in Fine Arts, even went to Italy for a summer abroad program to study art, but she decided to move home and get married. This is when she developed a case of extreme creative block, got her MBA, and became a secretary for her father’s company. Refer back to that “same small town story” comment above. Her father often reminded her that he wasn’t sure why he invested that many years of college if she wasn’t going to use it. Shockingly, or not so shockingly, her creative block ended with her marriage.

The Rest of the Story


Don’t be fooled by the title of this section, because this is THE most important part of the story to them. They say the absolute best part of doing what they do is that they have the freedom and flexibility to be what they love to be the most: Moms!
Dixie has been doing the mommy thing for most of her life. She spaced out her four children so well that her granddaughter is only a year younger than her youngest child. Thankfully, she’s pretty dang good at the mom thing since she’ll be doing it for many years to come!
Leah has her hands a little less full with only two children.  At the ages of 7 and 4, she thinks they are absolutely the most adorable little balls of never-ending energy.